Saturday, January 26, 2013

8 weeks out

As promised... a few progress photos!  My daughter (the most disgusted photographer around) took them for me.. totally against her will but nonetheless here they are.  I feel like I am making some good progress.  With 8 weeks left I am hoping to lean out my legs a bit more, and really tighten those glutes baby!  Oh and get a really nice tan ;)


  1. I hate you so much...(said in the most loving tone possible)....I want your boobies! :)


  2. T... LMAO, you crack me up!!!! There are many parts of your body that I want! So there!

  3. Holy shit!! YOU LOOK AMAZE. You are ready to take first place TODAY! I cannot wait for the show. You are my hero :)

    1. Oh Janetha... that is why I love you... I need friends like you :) Thank you my dear! Just keep telling me that for oh... 8 more weeks ha ha!

  4. You look fantastic, and I agree with Janetha!!

  5. oh,holy wow....
    (and lol at T!!!!)
    you look freaking AWESOME!!!!!
    i am foreseeing a first place trophy in your near future!
    keep the ball rolling with your hard work!
    its paying off!!!

  6. You look amazing! I can't wait to see what the next 8 weeks will bring you.

  7. Ditto what everyone else is saying and you look HOT! Can't wait to see shots from the stage because you look ready...and 8 more weeks?! Holy cow! Excited for you!

  8. Wow! You look amazing. Care to share your workout and diet tips and tricks...not that I could ever look like that though. I have to ditto everyone else. Your work will pay off! Keep it up girl...

  9. You look gorgeous Kerryn. You are going to do so great!!! I want to look that good! :)