Monday, January 21, 2013

Memory Monday...

I can't promise this will be a consistent Monday theme but for today I'm just going to go with it and see what happens. Yesterday my kids and I were on my old family blog reminiscing, and we got reading back quite a few years and some of the posts had us tearing up a bit but others had us laughing hysterically! Most of you probably don't know anything about this old blog of mine and probably never read it but I began it years ago when we moved overseas as a way to keep our family "in touch" with our life since we were so far away. There is some pretty funny stuff on there from when my kids were really little. Every Monday I am going to try and post an old story from my old blog. I think it will be fun for you to get to know me better and for me to remember some really great things that I may have forgotten about over the years!  This one in particular had us laughing our butts off! Never a dull moment.

Saturday September 27, 2008


I have a story but in order to tell it right I have to back up a bit..... when we got our dog we decided that it would be best to mat train her. We chose this way because we got a puppy a couple of years ago and he was poisoned. Unfortunately, a lot of people around us don't really care for dogs. Long story short, we thought it would be best to keep her inside as much as possible. So we get these potty mats from the vet. Most of the time (when I am home) I will leave the back door open and she usually goes outside anyway. Her mat is very rarely used. Until recently. I have noticed more and more lately that I have had to change it every day as opposed to every few days. Hmmm... that is strange because I am almost always home and I see her going outside most of the time. The mat has been soaked through, completely..... very wierd. This afternoon I was sitting on the computer when Pajha came running over to me "MOMMY, MOMMY... Peyton is peeing on Nikki's mat".... "WHAT?????????????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????" sure enough it was true. HE has been the one weeing on the mat, not the dog. I was soooooo mad. I just couldn't understand why he would even THINK to do that. Especially when there is a toliet not even 2 feet away. UGH! So I made HIM clean it up, and mop the floor (because we know that no boy or MAN can aim properly and he had gotten it all over the wall and beside the mat). KIDS! As of right now, I don't find any humor in this situation. It reminded me of the time when he was about 3, he did his business (think #2) on the floor and told me that Shrek did it... and it wasn't even MY floor, it was my sisters floor. Maybe it will be funny another day. Right now I am just MAD!

For the record... its been a few years and I think it's pretty dang funny ;)

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