Sunday, January 29, 2012


I was tagged by Tenecia over at Boobs, Barbells, and Broccoli!  It came at the perfect time too because I feel like I haven't been able to come up with much to write about!  Thanks T!!!!

Here are the Rules:

1.  You must post the rules
2.  Post 12 fun facts about yourself 
3.  Answer the 12 questions the tagger set for you, 
and post 12 new questions for the people you tag to answer
4.  Tag 12 people and link them in your post
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12 Fun Facts about me!

1.  I am TERRIFIED of open water.  BUT, I got my scuba certification.  Never used it since, but I got it!

2.  I love Rock Climbing.

3.  I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters.  This is obviously missing some of us.  I was overseas, my younger brother was not able to be there, and my older brother Shane passed away when he was 5.

4.  We lived in another country for 4 years. 
5.  I am scared to death to speak in front of people.  Like TERRIFIED of it.
6.  I am a beauty school drop out!  I come from a family full of hair dressers (thank goodness) and met my best friend in beauty college however I got married and moved when I was about halfway through and lost my desire to do hair!
7.  I am a bit claustrophobic
8.  I hate talking on the phone, text me please ;)  I feel like finding the time to stop whatever I am doing and actually TALK on the phone is so inconvenient, not only to myself but I feel like I am inconveniencing others, however with a text you can respond whenever you get a chance.  Am I the only one that feels that way?  LOL!
9.  I have a couple of addictions.  Cereal, and cookies.  I honestly think I could live off these two items.  I don't... but I very easily could!
10.  I used to drive up to the Mountains and go for a little hike and think when I was struggling or going through something difficult.  This was when I was a teenager.  The Mountains have always brought a sense of peace to me.
11.  Ear wax makes me gaggy.  Like, really gaggy.  If I even see a used Q-tip in the trash... I gag.  My husband has to hide them under things.
12.  I hate being cold.  I don't know how I survived my childhood in Utah.  I think being cold is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world.

That was harder than I thought it would be!

Now to answer "T's" questions

1.  How do you like your eggs?  Scrambled is the way I usually eat them, all whites with one yolk!

2.  Favorite movie quote?  Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out! - from what a girl wants.  Love that!

3.  Last book you read?  Or... still reading???  I have been reading The Shania Twain book, from this moment for MONTHS.  I just can't find a lot of free time to sit down and finish it!

4.  If you had $500 to spend on whatever you wanted, what would you buy?  Probably new workout clothes.

5.  What's your "go to" recipe?  Turkey Muffins, I make them ALL the time.  Convenient, fast, easy and yummy!

6.  What concert(s) will you be going to this year?  Is Bonjovi coming again?  I have no plans but if he comes you better believe I will be there!

7.  Favorite candy?  I love Sour patch kids, and Cinnamon bears

8.  What is the best piece of advice you've received?  When I got pregnant with my son I was terrified that I would gain a lot of weight.  My doctor gave me the best advice ever, he said "Continue working out, doing ab work until it doesn't feel okay, keep those stomach muscles tight because they will shrink right up when you deliver and DO NOT eat for two.  Eat for YOU, baby takes what baby needs!" Best. Advice. Ever.

9.  What was the first job you ever had?  I worked at an ice cream shop in the outlet mall.  That was when I first got my "ice cream scooping muscle" in my right bicep, I tried to use my left to even them out but it was too hard!

10.  Do you untie your shoes before you take them off?  Never.  I don't have time for that!  ;)

11.  What is your best feature/body part/characteristic?  Tough questions T!  I am not good at answering these types of questions.  I would say as far as characteristics go I think I am a damn good friend.  I love my friends deeply, feature/body part?  My hair.  I have nice hair.  Its super thick, keeps me warm in the winter like a shawl.  I love it ;)

12.  If you could learn to do anything what would it be?  Make amazing cakes. I have been watching the Next great baker... looks so fun!

I don't think I have 12 readers to tag, LOL!  So... I will just say if you are reading this you are tagged!  ;)  Here are my 12 questions.

1.  When was the last time you cried?
2.  What is your favorite ice cream?
3.  What is the first thing you notice about another person?
4.  Last movie you watched?  Was it any good?
5.  Favorite workout song?
6.  If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why?
7.  What is something you have learned over the last week?
8.  When was the last time you were really nervous?
9.  Last thing you ate?
10.  Your favorite recipe?
11.  Favorite electronic device?
12.  What time is your bed time?

Have fun!!!!


  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!

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  3. Love it!!! Thanks for "playing along"!!


    P.S. Rock climbing!!! So cool!!!