Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hey guys!!!

I can't believe it is ALREADY Sunday evening.  I am not ready for my weekend to be over.  I don't know what it is about having a job that suddenly makes your days (weekends) FLY on by without really accomplishing much.  I had big plans to get my house cleaned from top to bottom this weekend.  I didn't even clean the top.  Or the bottom.  Ugh.

Friday afternoon while I was at work I got this sharp pain on the left side of my chest.  It was pretty intense.  Every time I took a deep breath or moved suddenly I would feel this shooting pain.  Kind of scared me.  I came home and figured it would go away.  Boy was I wrong.  It got SO much worse throughout the evening.  At one point I was in tears.  I slept (or more like attempted to sleep) with a heating pad on my chest... I ended up having to skip the gym Saturday morning which really REALLY bummed me out but if I can't even take a deep breath how in the heck am I gonna get my sweat on.  Anyway, throughout the day it seemed to feel better. Now it only hurts when I laugh really good (which I did a lot of that on Saturday night) or when I take a really deep breath.  I have no clue what is wrong with me.  I have read what it could be, and have talked to siblings who have given me their opinion so at this point I am just hoping that each day it hurts less and less.  I have a hot date with the gym tomorrow morning so I need it to be gone by then ;)

We did however get SNOW... about 6 inches of it at my house.  I was SO not expecting it either.  All last week the weather was simply gorgeous.  Warm-ish even!  Saturday morning snow.  It looked like how Christmas morning SHOULD have looked!

This weekend was really fun!  We had a family party (my side of the family) to celebrate a few things.  My Dad's birthday, Christmas (better late than never), and my Dad's retirement!  We all went to my sister's house for dinner and games.  My family is huge.  I have 4 brothers (3 living) and 4 sisters, then you throw in the in laws and a million kids and its a mad house.  A fun mad house!  Lots of kids running around, lots of laughing, and lots of jokes!  My sister mentioned that her son (my nephew Jayce who is 8) has always wanted to know what it was like to have a pie in his face.  Well..... say no more.. we didn't have pie but we had cake and lots of it.  So we called him over and had a little fun with him.  Ha ha!  We made him close his eyes and then this happened!

I think he really liked it!  Ha ha!  He is a good sport!

On the workout front things are going really well (aside from my unplanned days off this weekend).  I am loving throwing around weights again, and I am actually enjoying my cardio time too!  Nothing feels better than a good workout!

Tomorrow starts a new week!  Bring. It. On!


  1. Oh dear :( I think you should go to the doctor ASAP!

  2. I hate when weird things happen in my body. My mind goes wild with what it could be! Hope it goes away soon and you are feeling like yourself again. That video of your nephew is pretty funny! Looks like you have a fun family! Happy Monday!

  3. hope that pain goes away :( That video was cute...i always wondered what it would be like too :) LOL!