Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Train, shmain...


I have been MIA, been busy with trying to get my life back in order. I felt so overwhelmed and consumed with the thought of competing that when I finally decided to wait until later, guess what happened?

I slept.

Like a rock.

Multiple times a day.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I wasn't sleeping well at all and now I am sleeping through the night, and have been needing little naps through out my day. Guess I am playing catch up. Anyway, point is now I am sure I made the right decision. I will compete when I feel ready. Period.

So since I am not competing this summer my sister in law has talked me into running a half marathon or two with her. We did the Race for the Cure here in SLC this month (a 5k) and that night we both registered for a half on July 9th. That doesn't give me much time to train does it? I once ran a half with a days notice and no training what-so-ever and lived (barely) to talk about it so I think if I actually start running I will be able to not only do it but beat my time of 3 hours. So now I have something to work towards, a goal, an achievable one that doesn't give me anxiety and sleepless nights I am golden. Only problem is... did I mention I HATE running? LOL!


  1. How fun!! Sounds like you made the right decision and your body and mind are thanking you!

  2. oh! what a goal! GO FOR IT! start running now,you will learn to love it!!!!
    will be cheering you along!

  3. Melissa, I ran 5 miles on Saturday, half of it was up hill and woweeee... I was hurtin! I am excited though. I like the way running makes me feel I just lack the desire to do it, good thing I have people all around me who are inviting me to run with them. Holding me accountable :) Plus, all of you ladies! ;)