Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prep Shmep...

It's almost that time again.....

Ha ha... almost prep time!  I am actually really looking forward to the 2013 season for a few reasons.  I've had mixed feelings about it since the last competition.  Mostly due to feedback I've gotten.  Not due to how I felt coming in or how I felt coming out of the show.  I actually felt really good going in and have felt really good coming out of the show (no binge, no major gains to speak of, no post show blues).  All in all its been pretty great!  Let me explain.

2011... my prep was ridiculous.  I was doing NO weights at all... only cardio.  I was trying to lose a lot of the muscle I gained for Figure to compete in the Bikini division.  My diet was strict... very little calories, very low carbs.  I literally did not touch a weight for 6 months.  Now, before you start getting crazy on me I was NOT only doing cardio for 6 months.  Some of that time I was not working out at all.  There was a major hiatus in there, I was going through a lot of things in my life during this time as well so for a while the gym was no where on my list of priorities, I only "trained" for the show for about 8 weeks really.  In that 8 weeks I only did cardio whether it was a class or on the dreadmill.  Here were my results.

2012... I followed a 12 week program that consisted of weight training (circuits) and cardio (12-15 min sprints) and near the end I increased it to 30 minutes of sprints.  I absolutely LOVED this program.  My diet was not nearly as strict as in 2011, still tight but I felt better all around and I got to do what I loved most... lift weights again!  Here were my results.  I felt leaner, tighter all around.  I thought my package this show was all around, better.

My concerns:

Am I STILL in the wrong category?  This is something I have battled from the very beginning.  I was told when I first decided to compete to do Bikini because it was new and I was small and would have been PERFECT for it.  I could walk on stage next week said my trainer.  But I was certain that Figure was what I wanted to do.  I wanted to work my A$$ off and I wanted to put on that muscle and I wanted to earn it.  So I gained a few (15) pounds and I did it.  I earned it baby.  I did well.  I placed in every show.  I got told by a Pro that I needed to switch to Bikini , and then I showed her she was wrong by winning the next show I did and earning my sword.  And then I got to the National stage.  That was when I was delivered my reality check.  So I decided that Bikini was where I needed to be.  So here I am in the Bikini division, yet now I am being told I should be doing Figure.  I am just so confused.  I'm too muscular, I'm not muscular enough... I just feel  like I am not sure where to go or what to do sometimes and then seeing the judges score sheets adds to that confusion a little....


(I am #60) Some of the other classes were ALL OVER THE BOARD as far as how off the numbers were. It was pretty shocking to see actually.  I have never seen score sheets look like this before.  I'm used to them looking more equal all the way across.

I did recently learn that there some of the judges were NGA judges, not NPC judges which makes sense as to why the judging was so all over the place.  The criteria is VERY different in the two organizations.  I have also learned that in 2013 that is going to change and there will no longer be NGA judges judging at the NPC shows.  That makes me think that maybe, just maybe the girls with a little more muscle might have a little more luck going into the 2013 season in the bikini division.  I am hoping so!

So for now I am giving it another season.  Bikini Twenty Thirteen here I come!  I want an overall win baby!  


  1. Looking forward to following your prep!

  2. I can't believe you still looked that good doing no weights at all! But I do prefer your 2012 package :D Can't wait to see how your new prep goes!

  3. Are you doing local shows or will you be competing at a national show?


    P.S. It's completely unfair that your body was so bangin' and you weren't doing any weight training... #jealous

    1. T- I am thinking about doing Nationals (USA's) in July. This is not for sure. It depends on how I feel about my placings in the next couple of local shows. It also depends on how comfortable I get with the new bouncy posing. I am not loving it. ;)

  4. So exciting! 2013 overall win here you come! I was told at one point that I would do well in bikini but I can't get past the posing...it is So NOT ME. There is not comp anytime soon on the horizon, so I guess I don't have to decide any time soon. hah!