Saturday, December 8, 2012

Groundhog Day

The last few weeks have just been so crazy you guys.  We have SO many things filling up our week that I honestly cannot wait for the weekend just so that I can breathe only for the weekend to come, and for it to be just as busy as the week was and before I know it, its over and I am sitting at my desk Monday morning again as if I never left Friday evening.  I guess my point is I just really wish my schedule would free up just a bit.  As it is we have stuff Tues-Thurs every week.  These are things that are set in stone.   They are busy things.  Appointments (dance, sports, etc) that on some nights run until 10 pm but keep us VERY busy.  The remaining nights of the week get filled up with things we can't do the other 3 nights of the week, things for my church calling, errands, etc.  So here comes the weekends, oh the blessed weekends... when we can just sit around and do NOTHING.... (que the Angels).... YEAH RIGHT! I am exhausted.  Anyway, I talked my kids into seeing Santa one last time.  I think this is the last year I might be able to pull it off.  My son is 12, and as it was I had to really beg him, as we stood there in line he wasn't happy "mommmmm.... I am the oldest one here.  Everyone is like fourrrrrrrr" but thanks to Janetha who was taking the pictures (my kids adore her) that made it better.  They were able to relax and go with it.  She got some great shots of my BIG kids!


  1. Janetha is a great photographer - the pictures came out so well! :)


  2. Great pictures! I am surprised that you got your son to agree...what did you have to bribe him with? lol

    1. I just had to remind him how sad I am that he is growing up :( He is a really good kid and loves his mama! Ha ha.

  3. Love the one of him pointing.. ha!

  4. So glad you came!! Tell Peyton some of the "kids" that still come are 15-18!! I'll expect them both every year from now on! xoxo