Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well... here it is about two weeks out from my next competition.  TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!  I am getting really excited.  I feel like I am making good progress and I am really enjoying the program I have been using.

Here are my progress pics at 3-ish weeks.  Be nice.  I'm whiter than snot.  I should have gotten a little tan before this event took place but eh... here I am!  The photographer was my daughter (hubby of course is out of town, next time they will be better pics), who was TOTALLY disgusted with me and that is apparent in the fact that every picture is blurry.  I blame her, wanting to get the heck out of there... and at the same time I don't blame the poor kid!  I feel like things are going well.  I don't want to get too much into my diet right now because I am taking a completely different approach this time around then I have ever used and I am sort of "testing" it out.  I will talk about it more after the show when I can really see if it was beneficial to me and my placing is good.  I am hoping that by taking this route my post show will not be nearly as rough.  Only time will tell but so far... so good!  Obviously I have some tightening up to do... some leaning to do but a lot of that happens in the last couple of weeks so I feel and HOPE that I am on track and will come in looking better than ever.

For this show I have a new suit... which isn't quite finished yet but I think it is going to be gorgeous.  It's a bright blue, and was made by a local competitor Heidi Patterson of Lucky Buuns Bikinis.  She was able to get this made pretty fast and on not a lot of notice (thank you Heidi).  I opted to stone it myself (wish me luck) so when it is finished I will post pictures!


  1. Look at that culo!! I'm jealous!!! And The Princess is the same way when I ask her to take my progress"Mmmooommm, I'm watching cartoons!" :)


  2. You look awesome!!! Congrats :) I can't wait to see the suit!

  3. YOU LOOK GOSH DANG AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so proud of you, friend :)

  4. You look amazing and ready to hit the stage! So excited for you!