Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today has been an exhausting day. I planned to do sprints this morning... but it was raining and I then realized that I was training with my trainer today and we would likely be doing legs. I haven't done legs with her before but to say the least... I was TERRIFIED. So... bagged the sprints, saved my energy for the gym. I started my day off with 1/3 C of Oatmeal and one of my bran muffins (recipe posted yesterday). I got to the gym and did a 10 minute warm up. I started the walk down the plank... ehhh... to meet my trainer. The workout was INSANE. All I was thinking to myself the whole time was "B**** IS CRAZY". Ha! Legs were J-E-L-L-O! Kind of wishing I didn't have 3 sets of stairs to go up and down because the first time I tried going down today I almost went DOWN. In fact I am pretty sure that at one point in my workout I actually resembled this:

For lunch I had chicken with artichoke hearts and red peppers. It was goooood!!!! Somewhere in my day I had an orange, and maybe another bran muffin (shhhh) and for dinner had tilapia with artichoke hearts and red peppers. Can you tell what I have been craving today?

I will end my day as I always do with the best protein shake on the planet found here http://www.dashingdish.com/2010/05/frozen-hot-chocolate/ I swear it is like heaven on earth (tastes like a Wendy's frosty) and even though it makes my teeth chatter and colder than you could even imagine I just have to have it!

I want to know your favorite recipes for contest prep. I need some new ideas. Please share!!!!!


  1. I am 6 weeks out from my first competition and I take a picture of every meal I eat! If you are looking for some fresh ideas, check me out! :)

  2. that pic describes how i felt after my leg workout yesterday!!!!!!

    my fav contest prep meal other than ricecake with PNB and honey,
    are chocolate protien pancakes
    1 scoop pritien poweder
    4 egg whites
    1/2c oats
    dash of splends
    dash of cinnamon
    1TBS unsweetened coco powder
    drizzle with honey
    add water if mix is too thick-
    yields 4 pancakes (1/4c batter per pancake)

  3. Ohhhh yum Melissa! Thanks for sharing... I need to get on that one! Tomorrow for breakfast :)

    @Karatenurse I just checked out your blog and saw some pretty tasty things ;) Thanks ladies

  4. I'm so glad your back to bloggin! I've missed you a lot! Hahaha and isn't that falling down the stairs awesome? My gym's only got 3 steps as you leave the building, but I always feel like I'm going to trip!

  5. My favorite "treat" as of late is to take 4 TBS of PB2 and mix with one TBS of Special Dark Chocolate Cocoa and add a little bit of water and a Truvia packet and mix until thick and then put in fridge or freezer and let it harden and it's like eating a piece of fudge. YUMM-O! :)

  6. Hey Gunslinger... I have been anxiously awaiting the return of your "guns" missy! I hope you are well... I hear you on all of the post comp stuff. It sucks. Big time. Its like going through postpartum, except all you have is a trophy to hold rather than a cute snuggly baby ;) I can't wait to see you work your stuff again! You will do great in Figure!