Thursday, October 20, 2011

Routines & Blues

Super excited for today.  The kids don't have school so we are going to hang out with my sister!  I don't get to see my sisters enough.  We always have a great time together, we laugh... a lot, and just hang out.  Love it.  I decided to use today as my rest day.  That might change.  I might do a workout at home later but at this moment... I am resting ;)

I wanted to talk about post competition blues.  I have discussed them a few times on my blog.  Usually after a competition, when I am really struggling and going through them.  I swore that this time around would be different for me.  And to be honest, it has.  This is not to say that I haven't felt "puffy" or sad but honestly I feel very different than my usual post show self.  In a very good way.  I do not feel overwhelmed with body issues.  I feel good.  I know that obviously I have gained back some of the weight.  That's a given.  I haven't gone straight back on a clean diet... though I really tried.  I have enjoyed myself.  I have had treats (way too many of them), I have eaten dinners that probably shouldn't have (pizza) but I think that the main difference is this.  Usually after a comp I take at least a week off from the gym.  I relax, catch up on sleep, eat whatever I want, etc.  That week sometimes turned into a month because you know that once you break that "habit" its really hard to start it up again.  Am I right?

This time around I didn't take any time off.  I was back to the gym Monday morning, and yes I was exhausted and my body NEEDED naps that first week, and I have honestly fallen asleep by 9 pm every night but that hasn't stopped me.  I have been hitting the gym as hard as my tired body will allow me to.  I think that mentally that has helped me so MUCH.  Is my diet great?  No.  Am I tired?  Yes. Its okay because I know that I am staying on my routine.  I thrive on routines.  I actually don't like not having one (summer is always a huge adjustment for me and my kids).  Post show blues... you are not welcome here any more!


  1. I love the change you made for the better and it has caused you to have a better post-show experience. You always impress and inspire me!

  2. It sounds like you're in a healthy mindset. Well done for finding what works for you!

  3. Good job girl!! Now I gotta get to the gym with you to get out of this suck of a mental state

  4. By the are amazing for going to the gym like you have!

  5. I'm the same way with routines, and summer vacation is always hard for me and my kids as well. I thrive on the set schedule of the school year!