Sunday, October 2, 2011

Its my birthbay!

Its October... that means that there is a whole lotta stuff going down around here. I have the competition on the 8th, my baby girls birthday on the 10th, my big boys birthday on the 15th, and HALLOWEEN too. You know what all of this means? FOOOOOOD... baking... lots and lots of baking :) I already have my list of "healthier" treats that I have been DYING to make. Let the festivities begin... in exactly 7 days!

So, my hilarious daughter gives me her "Birthbay list" and yes she accidentally wrote birthbay and was totally cool with it. That in itself shows how laid back she is. If it were myself, or my SON that would have had to have been fixed. Stat. Anyway, this list was like a Christmas list. She also decided that she wants her ears pierced. AGAIN. Now... the first time she had them pierced was pretty... uh... intense. I had no clue at this point in her life just how bad her temper really was. So here is how that went down. We went to the mall. She was DYING to have them pierced so she could wear pretty earrings. Every little girls dream, right? She must have been 4. My sister was working across the hall. We walked in, and for some stupid reason they did one ear at a time. FIRST mistake. They did the first ear and my sweet little girl full on ATTACKED the poor teenager who just tried to kill her with the needle that was as long as our house (this is how she still describes it to this very day). She was punching, kicking and screaming (my sister heard it all and came running to the rescue). Then we had to hold her down to get ear number two done. Can't just have one. TORTURE. Well that gets done only the back didn't go on properly but there was no way in hell that my little Angel was going to let that awful girl NEAR her ear again... so... I calmed her down and eventually got the back on. Fast forward two weeks. Back of earring falls off, earring comes out... she REFUSED to let me near her ear to put the earring back in. I even tried when she was asleep and she almost killed me. Needless to say, earrings came out... holes grew in and maybe now you can understand my hesitation for a repeat of this exact scene with an 8 year old instead of a 4 year old. Sigh.

My dilemma is do I try again and request that both ears be done at the same time? She has asked me a bazillion times today to show her with my finger nail how bad it will hurt. A bazillion. I have a feeling that once we walk into the shop we will end up walking right back out, but do I at least let her make that decision?


  1. Oh wow - I don't remember getting my ears pierced but I know I got them done at the same time. I would definitely go for the two-at-a-time option!! Let her get it done, otherwise she will just keeping begging!

    I do remember getting my belly button pierced when I was 17. Ow! The guy who pierced me said "OK, here comes the worst part" and I braced myself for more pain but he was only teasing - he had already done the piercing!! The worst was when it kept falling out during the first year. I had to repierce it myself - not fun! Lucky I got rid of that thing!

  2. girl, i hear ya about october! my sons b-day is the 17th and of course halloween!!!
    the good thing is that i will be able to eat "real" food after the 29th (show day!!) bad news is that im prepping thru sons b-day and he wants be baking everything!!! which i dont mind at all,we both love october andwe all love haloween...trick r treating will never be so much fun!!!
    oh and my 5yr old got her ears pierced last month. they did both at the same time per request. she screamed like a girl. and she still calls it the worst most painful day of her life!
    anyways,you better post your list of things you want to bake! i need some good recipes!
    OH! and happy bp-day to you and your babies this month btw!!!!

  3. I love that your daughter calls it her "birthbay"!!