Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have a lot to talk about... and not enough hours in my day to get it all out there.  I am working on a post all about our big day last Friday.  We have hundreds of great pictures that I cannot wait to share with you but that will take a little more time to post.  I haven't had much time to write about the Fitness side of my life but wanted to write a little something real quick.

If you are a local I HIGHLY recommend you stop by and try out GPPFitness.  I have been going for almost a month now and honestly have LOVED every second of it.  The daily workouts are posted the night before so you know what you are going to get the next day (and sometimes I go to sleep scared, lol).  Its also something that if you can't make it in you can do at home.  The workouts are intense, I have been SORE (in a good way), and have had a blast doing it.  I am loving the change of routine... getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new.  The trainers are all super friendly  too!  I have been going with Janetha, and Candice, and really hope that I can continue going.  I think this is just what my body needs to prep for future comps.  I think it will really help to lean me out!  Last week was HELLth week at GPP, and it was HELL ;)  I was sore every single day and I pushed myself to the limits every single day and boy did it feel good.  I honestly wish that every week was HELLth week!  You can go see the workouts on their website if anyone would like to give them a try.  I suggest  you do, and then you need to tell me how you feel!  Burn baby!

Obviously the competition side of my life has taken a major backseat.  Between working full time and planning our little shindig I haven't had the sanity to prep.  HOWEVER... I have made a pact with a few friends to get back on stage in October.  I am looking forward to it too.

More on our special day soon, I promise... and beware it will probably be picture overload!

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