Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am...

I did this a few years ago on my family blog.  I thought it might be fun to do again!

I am:  A little stressed
I think:  Way too much
I know:  I miss caffeine.  One day strong.  Yikes.
I want: To be happy
I have: A lot to be thankful for.
I dislike: Messes, chaos, feeling out of control.
I miss: Rock Climbing.  I really need to find some climbing buddies
I fear: Death, the unknown
I feel: Overwhelmed!
I hear: My kids bickering.  Good times.
I smell: My perfume.
I crave:  a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie
I cry: Way more than I should.
I usually: Have too much on my plate.
I search: For healthy recipes, all the time!
I wonder: What my future holds
I regret: Staying up so late last night.  I am exhausted!
I love: the gym!
I care: about others happiness & well being probably more so than my own.
I always: over analyze things
I worry: About everything.  I am a worry wort!
I am not: Crafty, in any way shape or form. I wish I was. Why aren't I? Someone teach me!
I believe: It is going to be a loooooong week
I sing: when I am alone in the car!
I don't always: take time to smell the roses.
I argue: With myself. I am constantly doing this. I hate it
I write: To keep myself sane.  It is my release.
I win: Once in a while.  I like to win though.  I am very competitive.
I lose: when I count my eggs before they hatch!
I wish: I could turn back time.
I listen: really well.
I can usually be found: At the gym, at work or at home.
I am scared: of everything.  Seriously, I am a wuss.
I forget: I forget that I am important too.
I am happy: When I feel loved.

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  1. Don't forget that you're important, fabulous, and loved!!