Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The tooth shall set you free!

I have struggled with what to blog about the last week. I have TONS of ideas floating around in my head but getting them out of there seems to be a problem.

It has been a busy week for us around here. My husbands brother and his family are here visiting from Vegas before they move overseas to Cyprus (where we actually lived for four years). I am sad to see them go so far away, JEALOUS that they are going because I miss it so much, and excited that their 3 little girls will have an opportunity to experience another country, culture and language. When we lived there my kids were young. My daughter had just turned one, and my son was four. My daughter learned to speak Greek pretty fluently. She would always talk to the locals at the grocery store, or our neighbors in Greek. I remember just hiding in the corner where she couldn't see me and listening to her play with her Barbies and it was all Greek to me ;) It was such a neat experience. The people there are so friendly, we made so many friends. Friends that I will cherish for a lifetime. I miss it more than I thought I ever would and really hope that while our family is living there we will be able to save up some money and go visit them! I am just dying to eat at all of my favorite places. The food was incredible!

In other news... my daughter finally lost her tooth... now you are probably thinking, who cares... whats the big deal? Well let me just tell you. IT WAS A HUGE DEAL. That damn tooth (this definitely deserves a damn) has been looooooooooser than snot for MONTHS (at least two ago I started paying attention to it). This isn't her first lost tooth either, she has lost three others and all of them have been DRAMA, but the drama queen kid is TERRIFIED of losing teeth. Anyway, this tooth, her top front tooth has been literally hanging by a thread for the longest time, she won't eat certain things because oh my gosh what if it makes the tooth fall out? The tooth had even started to turn black. I tried getting her to let me pull it out (which makes me gag like no other just to think of it). Her dad tried, she pretended to try, I even had thoughts of getting her to play catch with me, throwing the ball right at her mouth and knocking the sucker out... what kind of mother am I???? FINALLY (insert singing Angels) last night while I was enjoying some Bunco with some friends she said she just bumped it and it just fell on her tongue, and isn't that just amazing? Halle-freaking-lujah! Guess what the best part is? She will eat again (until the next one). She talks funny and that is probably her favorite part, and her smile is no longer filled with a dead tooth. My little Princess is back!


  1. Oh my gosh, that tooth story is hilarious! Glad that sucker finally fell out. I am with you on the pulling-the-tooth feeling. My nephew showed me his loose tooth the other day and it was like finger nails down a chalk board just seeing him wiggle it. Makes my teeth chatter to even think about it!

  2. Ha ha ha... I had no idea I had an issue with teeth until the tooth she lost before this one. I had to just pick it up, it wasn't even attached any longer just sitting in her gum and I gagged my brains out. She thought it was pretty funny! :)

  3. I hate loose teeth! It seriously grosses me out when my daughter has one and wiggles it...ugh!! :)