Thursday, August 11, 2011

8 Weeks out

Anyone out there follow the Paleo diet? I am growing more and more interested in this the more I hear of it. I am curious if anyone has had success or has any idea how practical it really is.

My food has been pretty boring. Well... not boring... just the same thing everyday. I made myself a big pot of my crock pot salsa chicken on Monday so that is what I have been eating for lunch and dinner. I either throw it on top of lettuce or in a low carb tortilla. It never disappoints. Ever. Its my favorite. Breakfast has been egg whites for the most part, some days I have had Oats, and snacks have either been almonds, or protein shakes. Sometimes I throw an avocado in there. See? Boring.

Training has been good though. I have managed to hit up a class everyday at the gym to get my cardio out of the way, but weights have been something that I am struggling with. SO not the norm for me. I LOVE lifting. The problem is that my kids are still out of school and the day care at the gym is WAY too young for my almost 8 and 11 year old. SO.... that means getting an hour at the gym a day is sometimes asking A LOT. I have to work around my husbands schedule and he has been out of town A LOT so geez lou weez... its just been difficult. I am however hitting the gym tonight to do some damage to my legs. I know it won't take much. I did a few different tricep workouts on Tuesday and I was sore from that. The classes I have been doing are awesome though, lots of legs going on in there :) 8 weeks out... eeeeeeeks! Time to kill it!


  1. I am curious about the paleo diet as well. I have some friends that live that lifestyle and love it.

  2. I have tried paleo (I think I was more primal though). Honestly, the first week I was down 5lbs. However, it got pretty expensive for us because both my hubby and I were doing it. Also, as soon as I stopped doing it and added carbs back, I ballooned up and am still trying to get back down. So I think if you do it, you kinda have to stick to it. I also couldn't get my energy up. I read a lot about adding a lot of fat would help that, and I did but it didn't help me. I also read that after a few weeks your body would adjust and your energy would come back. Not for me. My trainer had the same problem with the diet. But, I loved the food and I know that it did work well for me.