Sunday, June 20, 2010

What I miss

My new favorite thing to eat....

This changes weekly... but this week I am obsessed with my version of PB & Chocolate oatmeal.... YUM!

1/3 C Quick Oats
1/2 C Water (approx)
1 scoop Chocolate protein powder
1 Tbsp Almond butter, I like chunky (or PB... whatever you prefer)
1 Packet Truvia (or Stevia)

Mix oats with water and heat in microwave for 1 minute. Stir in Almond Butter, add protein powder and truvia. You may need to add a little water or milk to get it to the right consistency for you. SOOOOO good!

This weekend has been busy and stressful, but so worth it. I had such a great time yesterday with Gina and the girls... and look forward to my next competition (and getting it over with so I can eat)... speaking of eating... I get asked a lot by people "what is the one thing you miss eating?". I have to say (and I am pretty sure that almost every single competitor will agree with me) that it is cereal. I miss the sweet, crunchy, milky... ahhhh... just cereal. I could live off it. I have never been a cereal eater, I was never even much of a breakfast person before I started competing. My weakness is Chocolate Chex. If you have never had it, DON'T... well DO... but DON'T. ha ha ha! It is the best cereal EVER, hands down. I crave it, so much in fact that I have to avoid Winco (the only store I can find it at here) just because I am not strong enough to pass it by!

I could list a million other things right now that I would not pass up, but that is by far what I can't wait to eat again. That and sandwiches... and cookies... :)

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  1. Mmm that oatmeal sounds heavenly! It's sad because I used to be able to eat plain oatmeal fine, but now I have to have protein powder in it- I love the taste and texture! LOL