Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ice Ice baby!

What a crazy week, the weather has been so strange.  Today it literally rained ice.  I cannot get over how slick the roads, sidewalks, and driveways were today.  I had an ice skating rink in my front yard.  I tried to shovel it up and after 30 minutes my arms were tired and I hadn't make much progress so I gave up for the night.  It is crazy.  My kids said that they just stood on the sidewalks and slid all the way home.  So scary!

In other news I was honored to receive this email earlier in the week:

Congratulations! We've selected My Fitness Journey as a winner of eCollegeFinder's Top Health & Fitness Blogs Award! Your blog stood out amongst stiff competition and is now featured on our site as a recommended health & fitness resource for our readers.

Such a surprise and with some fellow bloggers that I know and adore!  So honored to be on that list!  To see the full list and find some great reads go here

FITNESS.... as of right now I am still planning on competing on March 30th!  Time is flying by.  Things are going well.  I haven't been taking progress pics yet but I promise to start that at about 8 weeks out (which is coming right up).  Posing... I practice ALL the time just not in my heels.  I have some friends that I plan to start practicing with so that will become more frequent.  I am also planning on a new suit for this show and I am really excited about that.  

DIET.... I am pretty much sticking to what I followed for the last show.  My proteins are mainly fish, egg whites and chicken.  I really don't do a lot with protein powder anymore.  I have a ton of salads (love tons of veggies), basically anything that will help keep me feeling full and satisfied ;)  I also have incorporated my favorite bread that I told you about from the Julian bakery, this is the Amazing Sourdough, it is low calorie and low carb.  I am totally OBSESSED with it.  It is honestly GOOD.  It doesn't taste like cardboard.  I swear to you I panic when I get low on it.  I order... a lot...  :) They are in no way paying me to say this either.  This truly is my opinion and my opinion only.  Just thought I'd throw that in there!  

Anyway, that is just a quick little update.  I haven't done one about my show plans for a while so I felt like I needed to do that.  I will get some progress pics up soon, in the next week or two.  Time to get serious.  I am ready to kill it.  

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  1. Can't wait to see some progress pics!! Woot woot!!