Sunday, September 30, 2012

8... going on 16

My daughter is 8... going on 16 and we have quite a few talks that I leave the room thinking where in the world did she come from??!!??  Since I am competing again I have noticed her little comments concerning me in a bikini, etc.... I get it, it's weird, maybe even a little bit embarrassing for her but I feel like maybe she doesn't fully understand what it is I am doing.  So a couple of weeks ago I sat her down after she had made a few snotty comments to me about competing and had a chat with her.  I explained to her that me competing is in no way something I do to be inappropriate or immodest.  I don't do it so that I can prance around in the tiniest bikini (gah!!!) I can find and get hooted and hollered at.  My friends and family will tell you that I despise wearing bathing suits on any other given day.  I explained to her that for me competing is a sport, a hobby.  I set a goal, and I work REALLY hard to achieve it.  I told her that she should be proud of me for working so hard, not embarrassed.  I had her sit down and look at some pictures from past competitions with me.  I explained to her what the judges are looking at, what they are looking for and what I work so hard for.  I think it helped because last week when my friends were over for dinner I was saying something like "Oh, don't listen to me I'm just a mom" to my son when she piped in and said very proudly "you're not JUST a mom, you're a bikini model!".  LOL!

My suit is finished, and I am SO pleased with it.  I think it is absolutely stunning!  I spent Saturday working on it with my sister.  I finally sent in my registration papers... which means I am officially stepping on stage Oct 13th!  Eeeeks!  I never feel like it is really real until I mail the registration papers in.  I will post pictures of my suit this week!  Love this part of it, getting close to peak week!  Whoop!

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  1. totally get about 8 going on 16. my daughter is 6 going on 16.when she was 5 she gave me all sorts of those "why are you wearing that tiny bikini?your supposed to not show your belly!" (her swimsuits are one pieces or tankinis-i have instilled modesty in my kids brains)
    with your daughter being 8,she can understand a lot more about goals and such than a 5yrold,lol!!

    hang in there with everything!
    almot peak week already???
    where are those pics,chica???